Montessori Language Workshop

This course is designed as a refresher course for trained and working Montessorians. The course offers access to High Definition (HD) videos of all the Montessori Language Activities/presentations for 3-6 age group.

What you will learn?

The Language Materials introduce the child to each written letter by its sound and encourage muscular memory through the touching of Sand Paper Letters. Various presentations allow children to effortlessly link sounds and their written symbols and ultimately to write; Dr. Montessori recognized that writing as a coding skill comes before reading, a decoding skill. Basic skills in writing are developed through the use of the sandpaper letters, chalk boards, sand trays and metal insets.

MNTTA (Montessori and Nursery Teachers Training Academy) offers trainings and workshops to help the child to develop their full potential in every field.

This workshop is for teachers and parents who want to help the child learn language in a very concrete way.

The course also provides three-day workshop on introduction to the concept of world’s largest pedagogy and the use of scientifically developed language materials. The course is an interactive process that encourages the active involvement of the participants rather than a lecture session.

Course Curriculum

Following topics are covered under Montessori Language:

1. Introduction to Language

1.1. Introduction to Language
1.2. Explosion in to Writing

2. Metal Insets

2.1. Drawing Insets/ Metal Insets

3. Listening

3.1. Reading Stories to children
3.2. Songs and Poems

4. Speaking

4.1 Circle Time
4.2 How To Get The Attention Of The Children
4.3 Birthday Walk

5. Pre-Reading

5.1 Visual Discrimination
     5.1.1 Naming Objects
     5.1.2 Matching Pictures(Cards) or Objects
     5.1.3 Three Part Cards
     5.1.4 Nomenclature Cards

5.2 Oral Language Development
     5.2.1 Conversation Pictures
     5.2.2 Picture Stories

5.3. Auditory Discrimination
     5.3.1 Rhyming Words/Pictures/Objects
     5.3.2 "I Spy" Sound Game

5.4. Concept Development
     5.4.1 Opposite Cards/Pictures
     5.4.2 Go-To-Gather Cards/Pictures
     5.4.3 Story Sequence Cards/Pictures

6. Oral Phonetic Analysis

6.1. Ending Sounds
6.2. Beginning Sound

7. Sand Paper Letters

7.1. Vowels
7.2. Consonants
7.3. Non Basic Vowel “e”
7.4. Activities with pictures that have short “a” and short “e” sounds

8. Moveable Alphabets (Large)

8.1. Large Moveable Alphabets

8. Moveable Alphabets (Large)

9.1. Phonograms
9.2. Long Sounds of Vowels

10. Blends

10.1. Blends

11. Homophones

11.1 Homophones

12. Sight Words

12.1. Sight Words

13. Functions of Words

13.1. Presentation of Noun
13.2. Presentation of Verb
13.3. Sentence Analysis
13.4. Compound Word